Thursday, June 11, 2009

Going for Holiday! And after that ICT..

Hi friends,

I will be going for holiday to KL for a few days and after that ICT (In Camp Training) for 5 days from 15th June to 19 June.

I won't be posting quite a bit so do take care k friends!

Once I'm back, I will start posting interesting stuff again!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Brainpower Still Better Than Brute Strength??

I know that the title is not unique and you may have heard it somewhere else.. But I just like to share this interesting topic with you.

Let me just give you a brief intro first..

I am an avid fan of the japanese anime series called "Naruto". This anime is about a "demon fox" boy named Naruto whose goal is to become the Hokage(Number 1 Ninja) in his village.

naruto logo Pictures, Images and Photos

People in his village despise him because he has a demon fox inside him but Naruto works hard to earn the respect of the villagers and also his fellow ninjas.

Back to the main topic, there is a very interesting character in the "Naruto" series. This character's name is Shikamaru. He is just a plain, lazy ninja. He finds it really troublesome to even write something on a paper!

shikamaru Pictures, Images and Photos
Shikamaru finding it troublesome..

But don't be fool by his attitude.. This Shikamaru guy is actually a genius. What he lacks in physical attributes, he makes it up with SUPER-ADVANCED Battle Strategies. This guy got an IQ score of 200!

Is it really true that Brainpower is Still Stronger Than Pure Brute Strength?

I don't know.. But if you see Shikamaru in action in one of the episode below, you will truly believe that Brain is much much stronger than Physical Strength!

Check out "Genius" Shikamaru in action below (you won't regret it..):

Naruto Episode 64 English Dub-The Guy with Cloud Envy!

(Dun't worry, only the intro song is in Japanese but the rest of the episode is in English. :-))

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Touching video.. I almost cried too..

On sunday, 07/06/2009, I went to my good friend's wedding at tampines even though I just finish night shift. It is my good friend getting so of course I need to go!

I reach there about 4 plus in the afternoon and manage to catch a glimpse of my friend, hanaffi and his bride, ashurah (dunnoe whether I spell her name right? Jangan marah kalau salah ye..) in their white suits and gowns.

Very nice.. and so LOvely.

Hanaffi already told me in advance that he is gonna pull a suprise on his wedding day so I was thinking like, "What is it that he is going to do? Hmmm..".

Then just as I was saying that to myself, he went to the DJ, took the mic and started to sing. Ashurah was like stunt and she was so touched that she cried and hug him after the song. Really, really touching.. (Sorry for being long winded.. Here is the video..)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Funny "Twinkle Little Star" Video!!

Hi friends,

Its been a long time since I made a post.. Fuuhhh! I think the last post was last year.. Man.. Time really flies!

No matter..

Yesterday, I heard my friend and colleague, selva, sang this funny version of Twinkle Little Star that I laugh non-stop! He showed me the video and the song and we end up cracking up laughing at work..

Some of you might have heard of this song and video before.. (I'm a bit outdated I know..) but here is the video for the benefit of those who hasn't seen it yet..


Saturday, May 24, 2008

Eric Rockefeller Releases - The Affiliate Conspiracy

Eric Rockefeller has just release "The Affiliate Conspiracy" - The modern era in making super income as an affiliate. You may not have heard of him but Eric has been involved in $1 million of sales for Alex Goad (Creator of Google Payload & Players With Money).

If you are serious about learning how to make big incomes as an affiliate, Eric is the one you should learn from. He doesn't just talk, he prove it with "The Affiliate Conspiracy".

I know that you guys are not sure whether this product will really live up to what it promises and I can relate to that. I was in your shoes just a few months back and I know how it feels to be spending on products that promises so much but then fail so miserably. I've been there and done all those stuff.

From MLMs to Surveys to Home businesses to get rich quick programs and all of other stuffs. I understand how you guys feel spending and spending money but never see anyting in return.

That is why I'm sure that "The Affiliate Conspiracy" is be the program that will change your financial situation. I've bought it and tried it out. I even bought the advanced series. That is why I'm sure that you will succeed with this program.

Let me give you a screenshot of what is inside The Affiliate Conspiracy.

I don't want to leak any part of Eric's product away as he might be angry with me. That is the 2 screenshots that I am able to show.

In The Affiliate Conspiracy, Eric exposes:

1. 3 Review Templates that he personally use as landing page

2. Web 2.0 strategies ( Squidoo, Hubpages etc)

3. Adwords, List Relation and The Affiliate Conspiracy Guides

4. The 3 Step System - SPF Method

5. Secret Research Tools to spy on your competitors

6. Sneaky Direct Linking Tactics (No landing pages needed)

7. 3 of his most profitable niche!

8. Advanced technique & Super Secret Spy Tool! (only for those who upgrade..)

All these techniques are worth much much more than what Eric is charging. He is going to increase the price at any moment now so hurry up and get your Affiliate Conspiracy Now!

Click Here to get your copy!

P.S. My advice is to stay focus. Focus on what you are doing now and you will succeed. Don't get overwhelmed by all the latest products and infromation. Just Focus..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

$1 Matrix System - Review

There are loads of home business and work from home opportunity out there in the market nowadays. Just be careful of which one you choose because the wrong choice could basically destroy you. The right choice would certainly skyrocket your income!

For today, I'll be reviewing a home business opportunity that I'm not that familiar with. Its like going over unchartered territory...

The home business that I'm talking about is $1 Matrix System.

Some of you might have heard of it. It seems that this matrix system is getting more popular nowadays.

I'm not sure how other matrix system works but I'm sure of how the $1 Matrix System works because I've already sign up with it...

What is $1 Matrix System?

$1 Matrix System is a forced 9 X 9 Matrix system.

It means that you refer 9 people to $1 Matrix System, then the 9 that you referred will each refer 9 people. You will earn from direct referrals and indirect referrals 9 levels deep. The diagram below will give you a clearer picture.

How do I make money from this matrix system?

In order to join $1 Matrix System, you will have to pay a small fee of $1. Every person that you refer will also pay $1 to sign up.

You will earn $0.25 from each of your direct referral(or Level 1 referrals), $0.10 from each of your indirect referral(level 2 to level 8 referrals) and $0.25 again from each of your Level 9 referrals. Here is the diagram..

Level Amount People Income
1 -----> $0.25 ---- 9 --------- $2.25
2 -----> $0.10 ---- 81 --------- $8.10
3 -----> $0.10 ---- 729 -------- $72.90
4 -----> $0.10 ---- 6561 ------- $656.10
5 -----> $0.10 ---- 59049 ------ $5,904.90
6 -----> $0.10 ---- 531441 ----- $53,144.10
7 -----> $0.10 ---- 4782969 ---- $478,296.90
8 -----> $0.10 ---- 43046721 --- $4,304,672.10
9 -----> $0.25 ---- 387420489 -- $96,855,122.25

*You will receive spillover referrals if your upline refer more than 9 people. If you are lucky, you might get a Great Upline. The most important thing is to build a good downline. Without a good downline, you won't earn much.

How do I sign up for $1 Matrix System?

Firstly, you need to sign up with AlertPay. AlertPay is a payment processor and this is where you will receive your money. Here is the link:

Once you have sign up with AlertPay, proceed to sign up with $1 Matrix System.

You will then be directed to a members area where you can edit your personal information, view your earnings and referrals, get banner ads and also download 4 Super ebooks for FREE!

The ebooks are worth much much more than the amount that you paid to join $1 Matrix.


I would sincerely recommend you to try $1 Matrix System due to the low cost sign up and also because of the powerful earning potential.

Honestly, I have not started promoting it but I will keep guys updated on this blog if I have any success with $1 Matrix System.

You have nothing to lose in trying out this program. The most is that you will lose $1 and suffer a broken ego.

Click Here to Join Now!

*p.s. If you wanna get the latest reviews on affiliate products and home businesses, subscribe to my newsletter @ $1 Matrix System

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

iContent Robot Review

The problem with using other peoples content

If you want to increase the traffic to your website then you need to use less or preferably no duplicate content.

Google as with all the major search engines has realized the only way to stay on top is by making sure that their searches are fine tuned and relevant to the request the person searching has input which means not showing duplicate content sites.

More Unique Content Articles Than You Could Use in a Lifetime

What would you say if I told you there was a breakthrough solution on its way that will revolutionize the way we all create content for our web pages?

I know this may be hard to believe but I can assure you it is all true; you can now have as many relevant content articles that are unique for whatever type of web marketing you carry out and it is going to shoot your business into a whole new league.

Spoilt for choice

Imagine how easy it would be to dominate any niche market with such fresh content that has been written with LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) in mind unlike most of the content now available. Google determines what your website or blog is about by LSI.

Introducing the next generation of unique content generation It is appropriately named iContentRobot and for those of you with high standards, the masterpiece that is iContentRobot will solve the problems of junk spun PLR articles, saving you from ever having to stare at a blank screen again.

Forget what you have learned in the past because iContentRobot is the future, whether you are a part of it is up to you!

Smooth, effortless content generation. Refresh the screen and then another unique content article is written in 0.032 seconds, now that is beginning to sound like Google results.

When was the last time you had a day off from your Internet business? I now spend twenty three and a half hours a day away from my computer and I do not have a single person writing content for me anymore!

Take a look at the video below and you will see how easy it is to use iContent Robot.

Right now, the price of iContentRobot is $77 per month and it is going to increase soon so I would recommend that you get your own iContentRobot right away!

Here is the link: iContentRobot HomePage